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Why are lawyers so bad at answering and returning phone calls?

To answer the question, I first need to explain the nature of a lawyer’s job.

People hire lawyers when things get complicated and when the stakes are high.

Almost every matter an attorney handles involves a large amount of money or, in the case of criminal law, a person’s liberty.

Furthermore, accomplishing anything through the law takes months or sometimes years.

So on a weekly or daily basis a lawyer must focus his attention on a trial, hearing or business transaction that has taken much time and effort to set up.

The slightest error could result in huge losses for his client.

When the phone rings the lawyer has to stop whatever he’s doing and shift his attention to the call.

The call may require just a few minutes.

But it could just as easily require an hour or more.

Either way, it may be a costly distraction for the lawyer.

Therefore, many attorneys will simply put off the call and respond later when they can give the caller the proper time and attention.

A Simple Solution – Email

If your attorney isn’t answering your calls, then I’d suggest using email.

Unlike phone calls, emails do not require an immediate response.

Instead, both the lawyer and the client can read and send messages when they have the time.

Also, most client questions require the lawyer to do some research before he can answer.

The email allows the lawyer to get answers for the client before he responds.

Whereas many phone calls require follow-up calls.

Regardless, your lawyer should respond to you within a day or two.

If it’s taking your attorney weeks to respond or if he isn’t responding at all, then you should consider ending the lawyer-client relationship and finding a new attorney.

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