😷 Seeking Support From E.L. Business Owners

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Pexels.com

Next month the East Longmeadow Town Council will meet and vote on a petition to end the local mask mandate. 

I want the Councilors to know that local businesses support the petition.  If you know a local business owner who supports ending the town’s mask mandate, please ask him or her to sign my letter to the Council.


I don’t need the original signature. A photocopied image of the signed document will suffice. It can be emailed to me at justin@jrmccarthy.com or faxed to 413-647-0018.

Alternatively, business owners can simply copy and paste the contents of the letter (written out below) and email it to me using the company’s email address.

Town Council: I am an East Longmeadow business owner and I support the petition to end the town’s mask mandate.  Since the mask mandate began, my business has experienced some or all of the following negative effects: (1) I have lost customers and income. (2) I am constantly burdened by the need to enforce mask compliance on my customers and staff. (3) Despite my best efforts to enforce the mask mandate, I constantly worry about being reported to or fined by the health inspector for non-compliance.  For these reasons, I respectfully ask the Town Council to end the mask mandate.

Signing the letter does not obligate the business owner to appear at the meeting or take any other action.  I will submit all letters to the Councilors in a private manner and I will do nothing to publicize the names of the business owners who sign.

Feel free to contact me directly with questions or concerns.

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