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After both a complaint and answer have been filed in district court, the parties will be ordered to appear for a case management conference. The purpose of the conference, according to Joint Standing Order 1-04, is to

The purpose of the Case Management Conference shall be to (1) discuss settlement progress and opportunities for settlement, and offer early intervention alternative dispute resolution; (2) consider case management orders proposed by any party, or by the court, regarding limitation or sequencing of discovery events, disclosure or limitation of expert witnesses, motion briefing, and other matters that would reduce expense and delay of litigation, and enter appropriate orders; (3) enter judgment for relief or dismissal, and schedule hearing for assessment of damages if necessary; and (4) assign a firm date for pretrial conference for all cases which are not yet ready for trial; (5) assess the trial-readiness of cases; (6) assign a firm trial date for cases that are ready for trial.

This order should be read in its entirety before you attend the conference. You should also be aware that failure to appear at the conference could result in a default judgment against you.