A Sherborn man has filed a lawsuit against his employer and former co-workers claiming, among other things, that they created a hostile work environment. His complaint alleges that,

The Individual Defendants were outspoken and self-proclaimed, right wing conservatives. [One defendant] openly displayed a red “MAGA” hat, a Trump poster, and “Don’t Tread on Me” flag in his cubicle. [This defendant] was the “ringleader” of the three Individual Defendants. Together, the three Individual Defendants regularly spoke openly about their support for the many views that Trump and his MAGA supporters openly espoused, including lack of tolerance of Jews, Black Lives Matter
supporters, immigrants, diversity in the United States, and expressing support of xenophobia,
racism, and misogyny.

The defendants filed a motion to dismiss the case. According to their memorandum supporting their motion to dismiss,

[The Plaintiff’s] allegations…simply do not support [his] claims for various reasons. As outlined below, even when taking the allegations as true, Plaintiff fails to establish any causal connection between his (Jewish) religion and the alleged unlawful treatment he claims to have been subjected to.

The trial judge denied the motion to dismiss and thus allowed the case to proceed to trial.