A bill prohibiting Massachusetts school officials from disciplining students for dress or grooming code violations has been filed in the state senate.

Bill S.290 entitled “an act to reduce exclusionary discipline for grooming and dress code violations” would amend the existing law by providing that

In no case may students be suspended or expelled solely on the basis of violations of dress code standards.

Keeping up with all things woke, the bill also prohibits restrictions on hijabs and gender-specific dress requirements:

Any dress or grooming code included in a school board’s code of student conduct or otherwise adopted by a school board shall (1) permit any student to wear any religiously and ethnically specific or significant head covering, including hijabs, yarmulkes, scarves, and headwraps; (2) maintain gender neutrality by subjecting any student to the same set of rules and standards regardless of gender; (3) not have a disparate impact on students of a particular gender; (4) be clear, specific, and objective in defining terms, if used

The bill, in its entirety, is attached below: