This week a federal judge in Boston ruled that a $5 million class-action lawsuit against Guinness Extra Stout has sufficient merit to proceed to trial.

The lawsuit was filed in December, 2015 by Kieran O’Hara of Swampscott, Massachusetts.

In his complaint O’Hara alleges that Guinness is liable for misrepresentations and unjust enrichment because company advertisements suggest the beer is produced exclusively in Ireland.

Although most of the beer is brewed in Ireland, a small percentage is made in Canada.

O’Hara claims that the company’s misleading advertisements have allowed Guinness to charge customers a higher price for the beer.

A similar lawsuit was brought against Beck’s Beer in 2015.

Beck’s was accused of charging an increased price for their beer by falsely leading customers to believe it was brewed entirely in Germany.

Beck’s agreed to a $20 million legal settlement in lieu of going to trial.