I’ve dealt with hundreds of real estate agents.  Some are highly professional and competent.  Many are not.

So how do you know whether you’re selecting the right agent to help you sell or buy a house?

Here’s my advice.

1. Knowledge of Construction

A good agent will have some knowledge of a home’s construction and of its component parts.

This will enable him or her to advise you on inspection issues and on the time and expense of making repairs.

Often the decision to buy a house will come down to its condition.

So you’ll want the guidance of a person who knows a bit about a home’s components and what fixing them entails.

2. Familiarity with the Closing Process and Those Involved in the Process

Your agent should have a good idea of the sequence of events in the closing process.

They should be able to give you a timeline for when certain steps in the process must occur (e.g., when must contracts be signed, when must inspection take place, when do you need mortgage commitment, etc.)

Likewise, your agent should have some familiarity with the people involved in the process.

This includes the other agents, the lawyers, the loan officers, the appraisers, etc.

Knowledge of the people involved in the process will help the agent foresee and cope with problems.

3. Your Agent Should Put You First and His or Her Commission Second

Many agents panic when there is a conflict between the seller and buyer.

This is because they see their commission check going up in smoke if the matter isn’t resolved.

Unfortunately many agents will push their clients into making unnecessary and unfair concessions to the other side simply to close the deal and get their commission check.

Try to find an agent that will put you first and who’s willing to walk away from a deal and from a commission check if things aren’t right for you.


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