The Trump campaign has filed a lawsuit in Arizona Superior Court seeking an order that requires the state’s election officials to reexamine and recount thousands of ballots that were disqualified by Arizona’s new vote-tabulating machines.

According to the complaint, Arizonians who voted in-person on election day were required to deposit their completed ballots into an electronic tabulation machine. These machines had never been used before in the state. Frequently, stray marks or smudges on the ballots caused the machines to reject the document. At that point, per Arizona state law, poll workers were supposed to either discard the defective ballot and provide the voter with a new one or set aside the uncounted ballot for manual review. Instead, poll workers often simply pressed an override button on the machine which then took in the ballot without counting the vote.

The complaint alleges that poll workers likely used the override option thousands of times throughout election day. Their actions, according to the complaint, violate Arizona election laws as well as state and federal constitutional law.

The plaintiffs seek an order from the court requiring election officials to manually count the votes that were originally disqualified by the tabulation machines.

According to the complaint

if these ballots are reviewed and adjudicated by the Ballot Duplication Board, they will yield up to thousands of additional votes for President Trump and for other Republican candidates in the November 3, 2020 general election.

For the full text of the complaint click here.