Parler v. Amazon: Case Summary

Parler–the new social media alternative to Twitter and Facebook–filed a lawsuit against Amazon earlier this week after Amazon abruptly removed the company from its cloud service platform.

Amazon’s actions essentially killed the rapidly growing app and Parler wasted no time filing a lawsuit for injunctive relief and money damages.

According to the complaint filed in the United State District Court for the Western District of Washington, Parler contracted with Amazon as its cloud service provider when the site was formed. Parler saw its membership grow exponentially after the November 2020 election. The complaint states

less than a week after Election Day, between November 3rd and November 8th, Parler’s app experienced nearly on million downloads…This resulted in Parler rocketing to be the #1 free app in the iOS App Store, up from #1,023 just a week earlier…Likewise, in that same week the Parler app went from 486th to 1st in the Google Play rankings.

Parler’s membership surged again in 2021 when President Trump was banned from Twitter. On that day alone, Parler membership increased in the United States by 355%.

Amazon, which just last month signed a multi-year deal with Twitter to provide cloud servicing, withdrew its platform from Parler with only a single day’s notice. As justification for its actions, Amazon claimed that Parler was used to facilitate protests on the Capitol on January 6.

Parler’s complaint asserts that Amazon’s actions violate Section 1 of the Sherman Act which prohibits businesses from conspiring to retain trade or commerce. The complaint also claims that Parler’s contract with Amazon required at least 30 day’s notice before the servicing agreement could be terminated. Amazon allegedly breached its contract with Parler by ending its service agreement without proper notice. Finally, Parler claims that Amazon’s actions amount to tortious interference with the contracts formed between Parler and its members.

Parler is asking for an order from the court directing Amazon to maintain Parler’s site according to the terms of their contract and for money damages for the financial harm Amazon’s actions have caused.

2 thoughts on “Parler v. Amazon: Case Summary”

  1. The MSM’S ongoing depiction of Parler as a right-wing platform for rabid Trump-supporting conservatives is already tiresome. Parler was working with the FBI and reported concerns about the capital storm troopers weeks in advance of the event most of us condemn. Meanwhile, Twatter and Facebook continually allow speech that is far more inflammatory than anything Trump said. Waters, Pelosi, Bernie and many others have said far worse. This is simply disguised as case of “protecting” people.”I hope the court gets it right for a change and grants Parler’s motion. Much of this could have been avoided if the SCOTUS had heard the Texas case and ruled on the merits either way, but they were too frightened to do so. As a result, Trump encouraged the “stop the steal” rally and raised the hopes of those who didn’t understand Congress had no authority to reverse the outcome of the election. If we’re going to blame anyone, it should be SCOTUS, for the spineless path it took, Trump for wrongfully telling conservatives there was any remaining hope, and every single MSM outlet, big tech company and elected official who seized this opportunity for self-promotion and intellectual dishonesty. I pray for America.


    1. Amazon’s action should have awaken every company that is dependent upon a third party, like Amazon (AWS) or Microsoft (Azure), just how quickly their business assets could be confiscated and held hostage without do process. As a IT consultant, it is my humble opinion that cloud storage and computing was just delivered and mortal wound and the business space will die a slow death.


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